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Home to Beautiful AKC Registered Poodles in East Texas

Whimsical Moments Poodles

About Us

Whimsical Moments Poodles

A Poodle to Love
WHIMSICAL MOMENTS POODLES is home to beautiful AKC registered Poodles. We are located in the beautiful piney woods of East Texas. In the year 2000, I purchased my very first teacup poodle, Coco.  Immediately I was in love with the breed! I knew if I loved them so that others would too. I decided then that I had to start a breeding program so that I could share the same love and enjoyment I found with Coco.  Their coat is so nice and curly and fun to comb and trim unless you prefer to have them groomed professionally. Poodles are known for being highly intelligent and non-shedding, which makes them the perfect hypoallergenic dog and companion. Soon I fell in love with the red and the black colors.  Here we now have the red and the many variations of that and the jet black and occasionally a blue (gunmetal grey) from one of my beautiful jet black moms. For me, what began as a Whimsical Moment has lasted for a lifetime, and I hope you will have the same experience if you choose one of the puppies here at WHIMSICAL MOMENTS POODLES

Happy, Healthy Bloodline
At WHIMSICAL MOMENTS POODLES, we spare nothing in care to see that the moms and dads and puppies are cared for health-wise. They have a very nice place to call home with a clean environment inside as well as outside. Outside is a very large yard for them to run and play each day

Whimsical Moments Poodles

Here is the nursery and sleeping area my poodles share, all decked out in Purple, our favorite color. Each has its own sleeping quarters with bed, food, and water and is lovingly tucked in at night. I spend many hours with them, drinking coffee and watching tv as well as just playing with them. This is also where they have their grooming area. We share many hours of joy in this playhouse! Right out the front door is where they run and play in the sun for hours!